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I Diggidy feat. Ar-SiDE — Выбор

Im on a maniac tip Still waters run deep
В моём плеере на рипите Моб Дип
Я иду в храм, замолить грехи
Because I shot a man in the head and I hid the heat
I get hungry, when Im on the microphone
But yo Im lovin it, only if its cooked at home
You got friends who buy, i got friends who sell
You got ears to listen I aint got shit to tell
Rememeber, me, i got a qucik temper
N a big knife to get ya body dismembered
Im ill mannered, crooked & underhanded
Stealing your shit if you aint lookin’s like a standard
My head is bold but my attitude is bolder
A pair o grey dickies and a shirt upon my shoulder
…i see the one-time see im havin fun hear
In the middle of the street guzzling bear

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