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I Diggidy feat. Jenee — I Left The Home

I left the home but i took the keys
И мой взгляд не упадёт вниз
Я уезжаю но не на совсем
Flying forth & back man, you knowwhat Im saying?
I was for some time like doing a bid
And then i was back from the business trip
I didnt, sell, i picked beats to spit
Im living, well, in peak i speak legit
Im on the mission, stackin up hundreds like Everest
Rushing on my competition if they come against
Gone from being broke to glamouros
Couda’ve gone the wrong way, but never this
Whatsup with you, with me its not that much
And i would rob a store if i had no lunch
I got loot in my clutch and my motto is
Laugh now cry never dont play lotto
Representing гольяново moscow city g
Strategies on the map if you is a rat
Dont meet my comrades in the street

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