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I Diggidy feat. Russian Bounce — Im a Russian

I keep it — one hundred Russian, a one man army
A one on ten fighter, no bullet have yet scarred me
No bully can scare me; I’m tipsy of the liquor
Smoke good black plastic that came from Saint-Peter
No longer distributing, my music is what I’m hustling
Heard that Mr. Putin don’t like the rhyme that I’m busting and
I’m from the land of oil and deadly nuclear weapons
We got bears in the streets holding Kay-47’s
From the land of beautiful women and ugly truth
Even cops D.U.I., Russians love the booze
Me and my dudes are like Muslims, we hate pigs
They beat one of my fellers to death with police sticks
I’m the first man in space; I’m the one who won the War
Somehow notoriety is the only thing that I’m known for
Let me tell you who I am, black leather jacket and
Golden Rollie on my hand, don’t you understand man?

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