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I Diggidy — Golden Child

I know the do’s and the donts and i DON’T EAT DOUGHNUTS
When ya’re dealing dope GETTING HIGH IS LIKE A BONUS
All of these rappers say they hustle AND ITS BOGUS
But i can tell a fake – I WAS STANDING ON THE CORNERS
Brought the, bacon home got it on my plate
Eating food for thought, GOT ME OVERWEIGHT
I sat down for a long time and I did wonder
Am I the one in charge or THE HOOD DONE TOOK ME UNDER
Man, ugh I left the field for a period
Life is what you make it, SO THEY CALL IT MYRIAD
I coulda been a lawer or i coulda been a banker
But i grew up in fool and im ALL ABOUT A CAPER
All about the paper, poverty got me greedy
Im out for the big doe so I brought the BAGS WITH ME
ONE OF cloth ONE OF plastic ONE OF leather
N a black backpack man, READY FOR WHATEVER

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