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I Diggidy — If you happen to know Premier

Ayo I, stand on my own, I depends on none
N when I need a friend to talk to my pen is one
My land is slumb, the sewer smell my favorite calone
That’s why I swear heavily on the microphone
I rap for inner city kids who aint got no pop
Growin up poor so they young minds curupt
I rap for, people, cus I put em above dollars
No matter they age, sex, religion or color
I threw my tv out the window and stole some books
I been adopted by the hood so I roll wit crooks
I give a fuck about the government cus they don’t give fuck about me
I Diggidy,
Is every stereotype u heard about a Russian
Guzzle a gallon of vodka with pickles like it is nuthin
Bold headed like a felon that just got to the streets
If u happen to know Premier then tell em I need beats

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