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I Diggidy — In Snickers Commercial

I aint going anywhere me im still in this
Reppin on my set aint no matter the consequences
I get me bolder as i get me older
Forever blunted in the crib never find me sober
Me im livin this life just to score
Don’t expect to see me stretched out in the mourge
I inspect to be livin it gore
Im tryna get my mind off going to war
I aint trippin, im just tryina play real witcha
I to the Diggidy I try to get me richer
I aint tryna play a teacher or anything else
All of us just try to get wealth
Knock the door so I can let you in
If we doing bidness I pour out gin
Up in ya glass, live fast, die happily
Avoid felonies, my family’s there always on me,

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