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Jambazi — My mama told me

My fourty five oh
Sticking and thuging for my survival
Never try to fuck a dirty hoel
Even when I blow
I don’t need your lessons and the tasks
Cause I know
What I gotta do with my motherfucking bolow
Born in this cruel world full of money and lie
Main thing that I’ve learned is just trying to survive
Making all dirty bitches run when I try
Mama always told me never cry, never try to hide
Growned up on the streets, feel the hate never smile
All night long here the gunshots on my side
Always ready to get a gun and homocide
But you’ll never can imagine a pain
That I feel inside
Till I was a little boy,
Wanna be a thug and I try
Got the gun on my left pocket, knife on my right
When I run the streets, bitch snitches can’t hide
Getting crazy, open fire, when I here my Mama cry
I remember mama told me just
Believe in God
I remember mama told me never
Dill a drug
I remember mama told me just find
Some job
But my mama never told me never
Be a thug

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