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Jambazi — Spb vs Moscow

And everybody’s talking motherfucking much when I’m coming
Fuck the fake hommies who get jealous when they see my money,
You know I’m not a pussy millionire in this game,
I’m a Saint-P thug that was out on a bail
The place where I’m from — Saint-P Happy Home,
But now I see the fake hommies everywhere I turn,
Hate And the spite — this is the all I feelling,
I always try to protect the hommy barely breathing,
Coz when I saw the snitch on my side, he can never hide,
And my attitude maked that motherfuckers wish I die,
THey can’t fade me now, just like the be-writer
Coz I’m a motherfucking real SPB fighter,
And when cyad law makers’re comming on my side-
Boom-boom to the left, boom-boom to the right,
Give me the answer? — just tell me where’re you now?
Get ready for the final countdown!!!
Hands up in the air — SAY HO!,
Stand up, get ready for the show!,
Right now you have chance to know,
Who’s the best from the Saint-P to the Moscow!

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