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Sifo — Large swag

What’s crackin’? I think i heard yo balls crackin’!
I’m the one who always goes racket.
I saw you with yo friend- you were both naked.
Not dissin’, but you got a hoe’s name, kid!
When i said that i’ll show him love
I didn’t mean that he will be jerkin’ off!
You were playing my song for sure to often,
You’re copying my flow like jordan’s off-spin.
I’m the one who’s killin’ nills,
Hitting their balls like shaquille o’neal
Life’s a ride and i got the steerin’ wheel,
You’r too loco, go on with eatin’ pills.
For you it’s deffinetly finish,
Can’t understand a word, like you’re rappin’ finnish.
You’re hustlin’, but even your coffin’s cheap.
I got you, so just fuck off and chill.

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